PEV High Voltage Trainer

LD 739947
PEV High Voltage Trainer
PEV High Voltage Trainer
PEV High Voltage Trainer
PEV High Voltage Trainer

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Training panel where the use of high-voltage components for electric vehicles can be used in practice. The device is suitable for being demonstrated by the instructor / teacher and also for being used as a practical exercise by the trainees / students.

The systems is designed so that measurements can be performed on parts with and without voltage. All measurements / exercises are able to be performed safely for the person carrying them out even without special safety equipment. The isolation of HV components under load as a learning situation can also be performed safely, where the effect of arcing when severing the high-voltage cable is visible. After severing a high-voltage cable, a new cable must be made up and installed.

The following contents can be covered:

  • Standards and Safety Guidelines, Safety Regulations
  • Construction of Electrical Networks
  • Dual Voltage Electrical System
  • Connection System for HV Cable
  • Functionality of the Electrical Drives
  • Accident Prevention Regulations
  • Original Safety Bridging Plug and Safety Line
  • Check the HV Voltage
  • Monitoring Device for Pilot Line / Interlock
  • Switchable Crash Signal with Analysis
  • Check the Insulation Resistance
  • Protection Measures in Motor Vehicles
  • Determination of "Vehicle Intrinsically Safe in terms of HV"
  • Activation Process
  • Isolation
  • Hazards Caused by Exposure to the Electric Current
  • Charging Systems and Operating Modes
  • Criteria for the Use of Testing Devices
  • High-voltage Load DC / DC Converter
  • High-voltage Load A/C Compressor

In order to create a level playing field for the experiments, fault switches are already integrated. These can be manually activated on the device

For example, the following faults can appear:

  • Safety line defective
  • Insulation resistance too low (Warning)
  • Insulation resistance much too low (Shutdown)
  • Contact resistance too great
  • Contact resistance much too great
  • Defective capacitor discharge

A highly visible three-color signal light indicates the operational status to the person monitoring it. The device is safeguarded by an emergency stop pushbutton and the access levels are activated via a key switch. The controls and switches are arranged laterally and secured by a lockable door. The terminal boxes for connecting the 3 high-voltage three-phase current lines are covered and safeguarded by controlled and removable Plexiglas windows.

The training panel is printed oversized in photo-realistic color and with designed with relevant warning labels. All function assemblies as well as the voltage levels are thus graphically highlighted and clearly visible.

Three warning lights on the front panel indicate insulation faults, faults with the high-voltage supply, as well as faults in the pilot line. The measurement sockets are fully designed as 4-mm safety sockets.

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 3x400 VAC, 10 A, 50 Hz
  • Power connector male CEE socket 400 V/16 A, 6h
  • HV DC voltage: ~200 VDC
  • Vehicle's on-board voltage: 12 V=
  • EV charging socket: Type 2
  • Modes: Off, cut, measure
  • Nominal power electrical motor: 0.3 kW
  • Maximum motor current: 3*0.2 A (2*0.7 A for less than 30 sec.)
  • Voltage electrical motor: 3x230 VAC
  • Weight: app. 40 kg (~ 90 pounds)

Scope of delivery

  • High voltage trainer incl. all 4 mm bridging plugs
  • Cover for the service plug
  • Safety lock for this cover
  • User's manual
  • Power cord CEE 400 V/ 16 A, 5 m
  • Safety tape
  • Two-pole voltage meter

Additionally recommended

1 6890818  8  HV cables, set of 3 LD
1 6890819  8  HV cable LD
1 6890820  4  Service Disconnect LD
1 6890821  8  HV Safety Tape LD

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