HeNe laser gyroscope

HeNe laser gyroscope
HeNe laser gyroscope Optical Setup of the ring laser gyro with interferometer (P5.8.8.5)
HeNe laser gyroscope Output signal of the photodiodes during rotation (P5.8.8.5)
HeNe laser gyroscope

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Experiment P5.8.8.5 shows the basics of a laser gyroscope. Laser gyroscopes are used, for example, in aircraft to support navigation. A three-mirror mono mode HeNe ring laser is set up; using a green pilot laser adjusting the mirrors is made easy. Both CW and CCW light beams are coupled out of the resonator and fed into an interferometer, creating interference patterns.
Rotating this laser, the CW and CCW cavity length is no longer equal due to special relativity, and mixing both light rays will generate a beat frequency in the kHz range. This way the absolute rotation of the laser can be measured.
This is not a Sagnac style interferometer, having the laser medium inside the moving system creates a much more sensitive setup with beat frequency instead of the phase shift of a rotating Sagnac interferometer.

Components of equipment sets

1 474159 Gyroscope base plate LD
1 474160 Rotation Unit LD
1 474330 Stepper Motor Controller, 1 Axis, USB LD
1 474407 Fringe Detection Unit LD
1 474308 Photodetector Preamplifier LD
1 474311 Fringe Up and Down Counter LD
1 474346  8  Plug-in power supply 12 V - 2.5 A LD
1 4745464  8  Oscilloscope, Dual Channel, Digital LD
4 501061  8  HF-Cable, BNC-Mini BNC, 1.5 m LD
1 728950  8  USB port isolator LD
1 474303  8  HeNe Laser High Voltage supply, adjustable LD
1 4745423 Alignment laser 532 nm LD
1 474122 Optics cleaning set LD
1 6719700  4  Ethanol, absolute, 250 ml LD
GHS02GHS07 H225 H319
1 4747116  4  LIT: HeNe Laser Gyroscope LD
1 additionally required:
PC with Windows 7 or higher

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) P5.8.8.5 HeNe laser gyroscope
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