Basic Procedures/Separating Procedures

Basic Procedures/Separating Procedures

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Properties of substances

  • Density, solubility, magnetisability and colour
  • Temperature of ebullition
  • Sublimation

Mixtures of substances

  • Heterogeneous mixtures
  • Homogeneous mixtures

Separation of substances

  • Evaporation
  • Elutriation and decantation
  • Separation by melting or by magnet
  • Purification of rock salt
  • Separation of non-miscible liquids
  • Extraction
  • Separation of substances by shaking out
  • Chromatography

Components of equipment sets

1 661610S  4  Advanced Science Kit - Set ST CH LD
1 661611S  8  Advanced Science Kit - Set BA CH LD
1 661614S  8  Advanced Science Kit - Set IO CH LD
1 6616301  4  Set of chemicals for Inorganic Chemistry LD
GHS00 This product contains dangerous substances!
1 663609  4  Working gloves LD
1 6667061  4  Teclu burner, natural gas LD
1 666729  4  Safety gas hose, 1 m LD
1 667100  4  Cover plate,20 cm x 20 cm LD
1 667127  4  Magnifier 8x LD
1 667241  4  Rubber bellows, single bulb LD
1 LDS00001  4  Stopwatch, digital LD
additionally required laboratory equipment:
(need only one times per class/laboratory)
1 6668036  4  Drying oven UNB 30 l LD
1 ADACB501  4  Compact scale 500 g : 0.1 g LD
1 additionally recommendable book for the experiments:
669 51EN CS1 Inorganic Chemistry
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