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Properties and identification

  • Identification of carbohydrates (Molisch reaction)
  • Components of carbohydrates
  • Solubility of carbohydrates

Sugar (polysaccharides)

  • Extraction of sugar beet
  • Principle of sugar extraction
  • Extraction of lactose
  • Extraction of maltose

Glucose and fructose (monosaccharides)

  • Sugar tests (reactions of monosaccharides)
  • Distinguishing between glucose and fructose
  • Seliwanow reaction (distinguishing between glucose and fructose)
  • Reducing properties of glucose
  • Converting glucose into caramel
  • Glucose and fructose - components of saccharose
  • Glucose - a component of starch

Starch and cellulose

  • Extraction of potato starch
  • Test for starch
  • Test for cellulose
  • Composition of starch
  • Separating starch from glue
  • Production of corn syrup
  • Fermentation of starch
  • Preparation of dextrines
  • Properties of dextrines


  • Preparation of pectin
  • Test for pectic substances
  • Use of pectin

Types of sugar and honey

  • Sugar candy, caramel sugar and sugar colouring
  • Production of rock candy
  • Production of synthetic honey
  • Distinction between natural and synthetic honey

The process of baking

  • Natural raising agents
  • Crust and crumb of bakery products

Components of equipment sets

1 661610S  4  Advanced Science Kit - Set ST CH LD
1 661611S  8  Advanced Science Kit - Set BA CH LD
1 661612S  8  Advanced Science Kit - Set DI CH LD
1 661613S  4  Advanced Science Kit - Set CH CH LD
1 661619S  8  Advanced Science Kit - Set CF CH LD
1 6616361  4  Set of Chemicals Chemistry of Foodstuffs LD
1 additionally recommendable book for the experiments:
669 57EN CS7 Chemistry of foodstuffs
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