Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells

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Reversible PEM Fuel Cell

  • Preparation of a Fuell Cell

The Electrolyser

  • Using the Reversible Fuel Cell as an Electrolyser
  • Operating the Electrolyser with a Photovoltaic Cell
  • Characteristics of the Electrolyser
  • Determination of the Voume Ratio for Gases produced by the Electrolyser
  • The 1st Faraday low of  Electrolysis
  • Determination of the Faraday Contant
  • Energy Efficiency of Electrolyser

The Fuel Cell

  • Using Hydrogen and Oxygen with a Fuel Cell
  • Operating a motor with a Fuel Cell
  • Descriptive Data and Performance with a Fuel Cell
  • Fuel Cell Efficiency
  • Storing Energy with a Reversible Fuel Cell
  • System Efficiency: Electrolyser and Fuel Cell

Components of equipment sets

1 588837S  4  Advanced Science Kit - Set EN 2 LD
1 521487  4  AC/DC power supply PRO 0...12 V/3 A LD
2 531120  8  Multimeter LDanalog 20 LD
2 50144  4  Connecting leads, 19 A, 25 cm, red/blue, pair LD
1 LDS00001  4  Stopwatch, digital LD
1 458310  4  Solar module, 2 V/150 mA, on screen LD
1 458100  4  Halogen spotlight, 12 V/20 W LD
1 458510  8  Wind generator LD
1 46082  8  Precision metal rail, 50 cm LD
3 46095  4  Clamp rider LD
1 6753400  4  Water, pure, 1 l LD
1 additionally recommended experiment description:
588 26EN Heat, Fuel cells
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