PLC trainer

PLC trainer
PLC trainer

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The Feedback PLC Trainer offers the training required to understand and apply both PLC hardware and software programming through the structured students' manual that provides a progressive level of learning. The manual deals with the fundamentals of PLC hardware and software through to basic program writing and more advanced applications, finally to motor control. The PLC Trainer is an A3 size board that is divided into many individual smaller areas. Each one of these areas contains a number of components that are described and applied to gain an appreciation of their application. PLC programs are available for Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Siemens.


  • Complete integrated range
  • Plug and play with cabled system
  • d.c.  motors & temperature control
  • Traffic light control
  • Stepper motor
  • Micro-switches
  • Low cost start up with 34-501 Automatic Washing Machine & 34-502 Traffic Sequence control applications (purchased separately)
  • Mitsubishi, Siemens & Allen Bradley PLC choices (purchased separately, or use your own)
  • Basics to more complex applications
  • Programming examples included
  • Common PLC connectivity between trainers simplifies connections
  • External connection highway by D type connector leads
  • On-board connections by 2 mm plug leads
  • Designed for those with little or no knowledge of PLCs
  • 16 areas of components to study
  • Comprehensive theory & experiment manual


  • Downloading & uploading programs
  • Selecting inputs & outputs
  • Input & output data processing
  • Logic functions AND, OR & inverse
  • Understanding flags
  • Understanding registers
  • Using timers
  • Using counters
  • Writing programmes to operate devices & control processes
  • Simple logic configurations with LED output
  • Input from a code switch to internal counter value
  • Input code from a code switch to seven segment display
  • LED count sequence 1,2,4,8, etc
  • LED count sequence 1, 10, 100, etc
  • LED traffic light sequencing, single and dual ways (cross-roads)
  • Stepper motor device sequencing, forward & reverse
  • Stepper motor positioning to a desired point & home position
  • Stepper motor device sequencing with counter & display
  • d.c. motor speed PWM control

Components of equipment sets

1 34-500 PLC Trainer FB
1 34-060 Siemens PLC FB
1 34-060-1 Siemens PLC I/O Pre-wired Pack FB
1 34-040 Allen Bradley PLC FB
1 34-040-1  8  Allen Bradley PLC I/O Pre-wired Pack FB
0 additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)
Experiments require the Siemens software TIA Portal to create programs.
The equipment can require additional software modules.
1 773091 Simatic Step 7 Prof. Training 1x EW
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