Machine Test System 0.3

LD 7732000
Machine Test System 0.3
Machine Test System 0.3

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The 0.3 machine test system is an equipment set to record and evaluate the characteristics of electrical machines in the 0.3 kW class in all four operating quadrants.
The system consists of several components, which are also available individually.

  1. Machine Test CASSY 0.3 (773 1900)
  2.  Electrical Dynamometer 0.3 (773 1991)
  3.  Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3 transparent (773 108)
  4.  Machine Base Unit 90 cm (773 110)
  5.  Weight with hook 1 kg (315 39)

With this set, full test protocols according to DIN/ISO 60034-2-1 standard procedures for determining losses and efficiency test required for classes IE1 to IE4 can be carried out easily and entirely by students and trainees.

A variety of experiments for better understanding electric motors and generators - as well as their application - can be performed.

The system features

  •  easy operation, directly at the control unit,
  •  easy swapping of the DUTs,
  •  safe operation and, most importantly, reproducible measurements of the mechanical parameters torque and speed.

The following experiments in the field of electrical machines are some examples for using the machine test system:

  •  Transformers: inrush current of transformers and machines, determination of transformation ratio.
  •  Electrical machines: analysis of machines as motor and generator, Response to different loads such as flywheel masses, fans or time-variant loads, e.g.: wind turbines.
  •  Investigation of drives: Frequency converter with asynchronous motor, frequency converter with permanent-magnet motors, AC servo drives, DC servo drives.
  •  Engine start up with star-delta connection, investigation of control units for soft start, heavy duty starting with slip ring rotor.

In particular, the system suitable for carrying out experiments without additional software, as all the main functions can also be controlled directly at the control panel colour display. Here, all measured data, charts and control functions are accessible.

When operated remotely via software, we recommended CASSY Lab 2 for Drives and Power Systems (524 222). Alternatively, drivers for LabView and MATLAB are also available.

Detailed information:

Machine Test CASSY 0.3 - the integrated didactic measurement and control device.

It is a combination of a measuring and analysing device as well as a control unit for the electrical dynamometer and can be used flexible in a TPS frame system or on a table.

During the tests, the Machine Test CASSY 0.3 can control and record:

  •  Automatic run-up and load characteristics
  •  Load simulation: flywheel mass, configurable fan drive (M~k-n2), configurable winding drive (M~ k/n), lifting drive (M=constant), free characteristic curve according to user input (Mi=ni).

Further load simulations can be carried out via

  •  the analog voltage input (±10 V) and
  •  controlled via the software interface from CASSY Lab 2 for Drives and Power Systems (524 222), with LAB Docs, LabVIEW, MATLAB and other systems.

The following safety features are included:

  •  temperature monitoring for electrical dynamometer,
  •  monitoring of maximum current and maximum voltage of the dynamometer,
  •  temperature monitoring for test specimen,
  •  monitoring of the shaft cover in the electrical safety loop,
  •  monitoring of the machine base bank in the electrical safety loop and
  • monitoring of specified speed and torque limits for the machines with system shutdown and restar

Technical data

Measurements in the range of the machine test system:

  •  Speed: nM ±2000.0 min-1, ±3500.0 min-1, ±5000.0 min-1, 34.00 s-1, 64.00 s-1, 84.00  s-1,
  • Torque: TM ±10.000 Nm
  • Angular acceleration: ωM 400 °/s², 4000 °/s², 40000 °/s²
  • Mechanical power: Pmec ±200.0 W, ±600.0 W, ±1200.0 W
  • Electrical power: Pel ±600.0 W, ±1200.0 W, ±1800.0 W
  • Machine voltage: UM average terminal voltage
  • DC ±36 V, ±150 V, ±360 V, ±700 V, AC 25 V, 100 V, 250 V, 490 V
  • Machine current: IM mean conductor current
  • DC ±1 A, ±2.4 A, ±10.0 A, ±24.0 A, AC 0,7 A, 1.6 A, 7 A, 16 A
  • Power factor: cosφM
  • Mains frequency:: fM
  • Excitation voltage: UE DC ±36 V, ±150 V, ±360 V, AC 25 V, 100 V, 250 V
  • Excitation current: IE DC ±1 A, ±2.4 A, ±10,0 A, ±24.0 A, AC 0.7 A, 1.6 A, 7 A, 16 A
  • Excitation power: PE ±400.0 W
  • Apparent power: SM ±900.0 VA, ±1800.0 VA, ±3600.0 VA
  • Reactive power: QM ±600.0 var, ±1200.0 var, ±3000.0 var
  • Efficiency: ηM 200.00 %
  • Slip: sM

Integrated operating and display unit

  •  Display on 9cm colour screen (QVGA 3.5")
  • Display of up to 24 measured values simultaneously
  • Display of all values for each channel
  • Display of all values in tabular form
  • Display and evaluation of the measured values in different diagrams
  • Display of a vector diagram
  • Display of all parameters for control and configuration - also for operation without computer
  • Push button and incremental encoder with push button
  • Further functions and interface

Additional information:

  •  Mains voltage: 230 V 50–60 Hz 
  • Connected load: 1600 VA 
  • Temperature controlled active ventilation 
  • Dimensions: 500 mm x 300 mm x 180 mm 
  • Mass: 10 kg 

Electrical Dynamometer  0,3

Adjustable and measurable speed in the range: up to ± 5000 min-1

Controllable and measurable torque:

  • Measuring range up to ± 9.9 Nm,
  • Visible strain gauge behind transparent cover,
  • Manually adjustable calibration approx. ± 0.3 Nm,
  • Simple demonstration of the measuring principle with round rod and weight (315 39)

Safety devices

  • Integrated temperature monitoring of the dynamometer,
  • Interface for the integrated electrical safety loop with 6 mm spring contacts.

Comfort components

  • Noise reduction by optimized bench-base concept with plastic rails,
  • Quick exchange of the test specimen due to safe quick clamping system.

Machine Base Unit 90 cm

The machine base bench, together with the base system, has been specially developed for training.

  • Secure mechanical connection, to absorb high torsional forces.
  • Mechanical locking of all components on the machine base bench, thus no easy removal of components (e.g. shaft covers) is possible during operation.

For applications with additional machine co

Scope of delivery

  • Machine Test CASSY 0,3 (7731900)
  • Electrical Dynamometer 0,3 (7731990)
  • Machine Base Unit 90 cm (773110)
  • Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3 transparent (773108)
  • Weight, 1 kg (31539)
1 773108  8  Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3 transparent LD
1 773110 Machine Base Unit 90 cm LD
1 7731900 Machine Test CASSY 0.3 LD
1 7731990 Electrical Dynamometer  0,3 LD
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