The electrochemical series

The electrochemical series
The electrochemical series

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There are noble and base metals. This property depends on the potential of the half-cell of a metal. In experiment C4.4.3.1, voltage measurements on combinations of different metals are used to create an electromotive series of the metals. In so doing, the noblest or basest half-cell can serve as reference point.

The experiment can be carried out in two variants: In variant C4.4.3.1 (a) the experiment is carried out with the demonstration unit for electrochemistry and in variant C4.4.3.1 (b) the experiment is carried out with a salt bridge.

Components of equipment sets

1 6644071  8  Electrochemistry demonstration unit, CPS LD
1 664401  8  Electrochemistry accessories set LD
1 666425  8  Panel frame C50, two-level, for CPS LD
1 666472  4  Table for electrochemistry, CPS LD
1 6677977  4  Electronic Balance 440-3N, 200 g : 0.01 g LD
1 665754  4  Measuring cylinder 100 ml, with plastic base LD
4 602032  4  Beaker, DURAN, 150 ml, tall LD
1 665212  4  Glass stirring rod 200 x 8 mm Ø LD
1 6729600  4  Copper(II) sulfate-5-hydrate, 100 g LD
GHS07GHS09 Warning H302 H319 H315 H410
1 6755410  4  Zinc sulfate-7-hydrate, 250 g LD
GHS05GHS07GHS09 Danger H302 H318 H410
1 6748610  4  Silver nitrate, 25 g LD
GHS03GHS05GHS09 Danger H272 H314 H410
1 6709650  4  * Lead nitrate solution, approx. 1 M, 500 ml LD
GHS08GHS05GHS07GHS09 Danger H360Df H332 H302 H318 H373 H410
1 6719110  4  Iron(II) sulfate-7-hydrate, 250 g LD
GHS07 Warning H302 H315 H319

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C4.4.3.1a The electrochemical series
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