COM3LAB Multimedia: Electrical Components

COM3LAB Multimedia: Electrical Components
COM3LAB Multimedia: Electrical Components

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A wide range of components are required for electrical and electronic circuits. The courses Electronic Components I+ II focus on active components, which act intensively or enable control.

Learning objectives

  • Structure, function and use of active components
  • Recording the characteristics
  • Standard circuits and their areas of use

In the course Electronic Components I the most important diode types are introduced. Outlet and blockage characteristics are recorded and evaluated with the two-channel memory oscilloscope. The npn and pnp transistor is examined in its functions, circuits and characteristics.

In the course Electronic Components II special transistor types and semiconductors in power electronics are used. One of their main uses, the phase controlled modulator, is examined using the example of the thyristor and the triac.


  • Characteristics (Z-diode, LED)
  • Transistor: structure, function, effect
  • Transistor circuits: emitter, collector, basic, Darlington
  • structure, function, effect, Characteristics:
    Field effect transistor

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Components of equipment sets

1 7001501  4  COM3LAB Course: Electronic Components I LD
1 7001601  4  COM3LAB Course: Electronic Components II LD
1 700020 COM3LAB: Master Unit LD
1 700022  4  Set of Safety Cables (2 mm, 16 Qty., 6 x 30 cm & 10 x 15 cm) LD
1 70000CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software LD
1 7009101  8  * COM3LAB Course: Protoboard II LD
1 7009102 * COM3LAB: Protoboard II Accessories LD
1 700027  4  * COM3LAB: Suitcase LD
additionally required:
PC with Windows 7/8/10

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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