Static / Controlled Converter Valves

Static / Controlled Converter Valves Static Converter Valves (E2.4.2.1)
Static / Controlled Converter Valves Static Converter Valves (E2.4.2.1)
Static / Controlled Converter Valves

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Static / Controlled Converter Valves

Replacement for FEEDBACK 70-002-230 Thyristor Control Principles

The experiments are set up with the help of training panels in panel frames. The static converters with overlay masks show the block circuit diagram and a signal flow plan. They also allow the experiment circuits to be set up in clear fashion. The central, microprocessor-monitored trigger lines allow the converter circuits to be changed quickly.


  • Measurement of characteristic variables such as average and root-mean-square values, form factor and ripple
  • Phase angle control or pulse group control
  • Protective equipment, commutation, control characteristics

Power electronics has developed from the technology of static converters to become one of the most important and all-encompassing areas of electrical engineering. The job of power electronics is to switch, control and convert electrical energy using power semiconductors with the best possible efficiency. One key application is drive technology. With the help of modern power electronics it is possible to construct variable-speed drives in DC and three-phase circuits for 4-quadrant operation. Nowadays thyristor speed regulation equipment, smooth starting circuits, frequency converters, servo drives etc. are indispensable in industry, skilled electrical work or households.

The equipment set is suitable both for student experiments in a lab using low voltage (400 V three-phase) and on a mobile trolley for demonstrations by teachers in a classroom. The experiment procedures are contained in a printed manual.

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of electrical machine technology. The course offers introductory experiments at a simple level and more advanced topics for undergraduate education.


  • Single static converters and bidirectional static converters with various loads (R, L, RL)
  • Resistive-inductive load with freewheeling diode
  • Resistive-inductive load with reverse voltage
  • Resistive-capacitive load
  • Triac AC power controller
  • Fully controlled three-phase power controller
  • Semi-controlled three-phase power controller
  • Three-phase power controller with two bidirectional pairs
  • Controlled rectifier mid-point circuits
  • Two-pulse centre-tap control
  • Controlled six-pulse centre-tap control, M6
  • M6 circuit with resistive load
  • M6 circuit with resistive-inductive load
  • Controlled bridge rectifier circuits with various loads
  • Two-pulse bridge circuit
  • Six-pulse bridge circuit
  • Fully controlled two-pulse bridge circuit, B2C

Components of equipment sets

1 735012 Phase commutated converter LD
1 735122 Converter controller unit LD
1 735190 Phase control noise filter 3 x 4.5 A LD
1 73509 Load power electronics LD
1 773186 * DC Compound Machine 0.3 LD
1 773110  8  * Machine Base Unit 90 cm LD
1 773108 * Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3 transparent LD
1 775250DE  4  LIT: E2.4.2.1 Static Converter Valves (German) LD
1 775250EN  4  LIT: E2.4.2.1 Static Converter Valves LD
1 727100 Power Analyser CASSY LD
1 524220  8  CASSY Lab 2 LD
1 531282  8  Multimeter Metrahit Pro LD

Alternativ option to  measuring instruments above:

Measuring instruments, with digital measurement CASSY and oscilloscope operation:

1 727110  8  Power Analyser CASSY Plus LD
1 575302  8  Oscilloscope 30 MHz, digital, PT1265 LD
2 50102  4  BNC cable, 1 m LD
2 575231 Probe 100 MHz, 1:1 / 10:1 LD
1 500990 Adapter sockets, set of 2 LD
1 531282  8  Multimeter Metrahit Pro LD
Power supply:
1 72680 Transformer, 45/90, 3 N LD
1 72609  8  Panel frame T130, two-level LD
1 726287  8  Panel Frame FB T150, three level LD
2 50059 Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500855  8  Safety connecting leads, 32 A, Set 34 LD
1 500856  4  Safety connecting leads, 32 A, yellow/green, set of 5 LD
As an alternative to the standard safety cables, there is an inverse version available for the protective conductor, which will have the catalog number 500857 as a set.
1 5006401  8  Safety Connection Lead 100 cm ye/gn INV LD
1 5006201  8  Safety Connection Lead 50 cm ye/gn INV LD
1 5006101  8  Safety Connection Lead 25 cm ye/gn INV LD
1 69902  8  Adaptor for safety plug INV LD
additionally required:
PC with Windows 7/8/10

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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