Contactor Controls with Training Panels 24 V

Contactor Controls with Training Panels 24 V
Contactor Controls with Training Panels 24 V


Student experiments for contact control with plate system on a frame.


  • Basic control elements with contactor
  • Basic control circuits with contactor
  • Basic control circuits for machines

The experiment plate system is comprised of handy, robust experiment plates that are arranged on a frame in accordance with the specifications in the literature.

The industry standard equipment is affixed to the front. The operation and notification elements are installed on separate plates.

The electric components are wired directly to the corresponding safety connector using a 4 mm safety connection line for low voltage.

The control voltage amounts to 24 V DC.

Learning methods:

Student experiments based on the assignments in the experiment description.

  • Arrangement of the elements
  • Wiring
  • Function review

Vocational training in electric engineering for handwork and industry

Intermediate, prerequisites fundamentals of contactor controlling and instruction in the dangers associated with electrical engineering.

The system could be supplemented by the system machines.

Experiment topics:

  • Functionality of the circuits
  • And-or circuits with contactors
  • Motor switched on with a power contactor
  • Catch of a contactor
  • Locking of contactors
  • Locking of buttons
  • Reverse control
  • Contactor control with motor protection relay
  • Pick-up delay auxiliary contactor and time relay
  • Time-delayed switching
  • Star/delta circuit

Components of equipment sets

1 730002  4  Operating panel LD
1 730004  4  Base unit control circuits LD
3 730321 AUX. CONTACTOR 24V 4NO 4NC EW
3 730331 Power Contactor 24 V 3 Main, 3 NO, 2NC EW
2 732151  4  Motor Protection Relay 0.6-1 LD
1 730072  4  Multi-function relay LD
1 73037 Signal Lamp 24V, Threefold LD
1 73093  4  Limit Switch 1NO 1NC LD
1 72610  4  Panel frame T150, two-level LD
1 72675  8  Three-phase terminal unit with RCD LD
4 50059  8  Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 726890  8  DC power supply unit 1...32 V/0...20 A LD
1 500591  4  Safety bridging plugs, yellow/green, set of 10 LD
3 500855  4  Safety experiment cables, 32 A, set of 34 LD
1 500856  4  Safety experiment cables, 32 A, yellow/green, set of 5 LD
1 566321S  4  LIT: Contacter and Control Circuits, T 9.1, german LD
1 566321L  4  LIT: Contacter and Control Circuits, T 9.1, german LD
1 566322  4  LIT: Contacter and Control Circuits, T 9.1 (ENGLISH) LD
1 64807  4  Storage tray S24-FN LD
1 7732104 * Squirrel cage motor 230/400, 0.3 LD
1 773108  8  * Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3, transparent LD

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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