Control with LOGO! 8 230 V

Control with LOGO! 8 230 V
Control with LOGO! 8 230 V

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Programming a small controller on LOGO! 8 from Siemens. The student should learn the main functions of small controllers.


  • Create programs
  • Learn logistics and control functions
  • Test the programs
  • Configuring network connections

Experiment plate system with all necessary digital inputs and outputs and the necessary interfaces. The inputs can be reached via 4 mm safety connectors for 230 V and via installed circuits with notching and push function. The outputs are configured as potential-free relay contacts and are accessible via safety connectors on the front. There is the option to permanently position the connectors with bridging plugs at 230 V. The controller has an ethernet interface that is constructed as RJ 45. The control voltage amounts to 230 V AC

School experiments according to tasks in the experiment handbook.

  • Operating a small controller
  • Wiring
  • Create a program
  • Function review

Target Group
Vocational training in electric engineering for handwork and industry Intermediate learning level. Necessary prior knowledge:

  • Basics of contactor switches
  • Programming small controllers
  • Instruction in the dangers of electrical technology


This system can be used in connection with the following systems:

  • E6.5.2.1 b Safety switches with modules, 230 V
  • E6.5.2.2 b Safety switches with experimental plates, 230 V
  • E6.5.2.5 Controlling with limit and proximity switches


  • Star-delta circuit with time relay
  • Reversing star/delta circuit
  • Motor reverse control with cam-operated limit switch
  • Slip ring rotor with stepped starter motor
  • Pole-changing motor with divided coils
  • Dahlander circuits
  • Reversing Dahlander circuit
  • Mixing vessel control
  • Priority circuit for consumer with high current consumption
  • Conveyor belt with automatic off and on switching
  • Star-delta startup with priority circuit

Components of equipment sets

1 8-2412890 Universal Logic Module LOGO!8 230RCE EW
1 773090  4  Logo! Software EW
1 6893000  4  RJ45 crossover Cable 2m LD
0 additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)
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