Fault Simulator: Contactor Circuits

Fault Simulator: Contactor Circuits
Fault Simulator: Contactor Circuits

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Fault localisation in contactor circuits. Compact device with integrated fault simulation.


  • Function of contactor circuits
  • Fault localisation in contactor circuits

Compact device for systematic error detection in conventional contactor circuits. By masking different masks, only the measurement and connection points which are important for the circuit depicted on the mask are released

On the left side of the device is behind a lockable door the control panel for the instructor, which contains next to the protection devices, the mask selector switch also error switch.

Students should learn a systematic error search with the help of voltage- and continuity testers.

The error analysis is carried out in 4 steps

  • Description of the error
  • suppose cause
  • Error detection by measurement
  • Description Test method



Student experiments following task description in the manual. The measurements are made with a voltage tester and continuity tester.

The fault analysis is conducted in 4 steps:

  • Description of the fault
  • Presumed cause
  • Fault determination by measurement
  • Description of the test method


Vocational training: Electrical engineering in trade and industry

Medium learning level, preliminary knowledge concerning the contactor circuits to be analysed is required.

The required knowledge can be acquired by the equipment

  • E6.5.2.1a contactor circuits   24 V AC (module system)
  • E6.5.2.1b contactor circuits 230 V (module system)
  • E6.5.2.2a  contactor circuits 24 V AC (panel system)
  • E6.5.2.2b contactor circuits 230 V .


  • Switching on and off
  • Reversing contactor circuit
  • Reversing contactor circuit with limit buttons
  • Automatic star-delta circuit
  • Dahlander circuit
  • Automatic Dahlander-reversing circuit
  • Automatic Dahlander-reversing circuit with limit buttons

Components of equipment sets

1 773030 Fault simulator for Contactor circuits EW
1 775526DE  4  LIT: Contactor Fault Simulator LD
1 775526EN  4  LIT: Contactor Fault Simulator LD
1 727292  8  Voltage detector LD
To recomannde:
1 773224 * Squirrel Cage Motor D 0.3 LD
1 773108  8  * Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3 transparent LD
2 73093  4  * Limit Switch 1NO 1NC LD
1 500851  4  * Safety connecting leads, 32 A, set of 32 LD
2 500640  4  * Safety connecting lead, 100 cm, yellow/green LD

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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