Automotive fault simulator, start

LD 7384911S
Automotive fault simulator, start
Automotive fault simulator, start


Micro-computer-controlled universal fault simulator for all automotive equipment for the individual switching on of the faults:

  • interruption
  • transition/contact resistance
  • short to T30
  • short to ground
  • short-circuit between two lines

The fault is programmed using buttons and LED indications which are located behind a lockable cover. In addition, on the back a 7-pole connection cable (739195) can be looped through, the contacts of which also allow connection to individual faults (interruption/contact resistance/short circuit). Using the enclosed radio adapter the fault-simulations identified in the laboratory can be remotely controlled via the enclosed software. In order to help with the preparation of lessons, all settings are retained after the device is switched off.

Note: compatible with 7-pole connecting cables 739195 only!

Scope of delivery

Delivery includes the Fault Simulator and the USB transmitter unit for the teacher PC.

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