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New Catalogue: Chemistry Experiments


More than 100 Chemistry Experiments for Demonstration in Schools and Universities.
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New Catalogue: Electrical Drives

Electrical Drives

a. Electrical machines
b. Power electronics Drive
c. and servo technology

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on YouTube


We present videos about our new products and experiments in our youtube-channel.
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    Chemistry experiment of the month

    Organic Chemistry

    Fractionated petroleum distillation with a bubble tray column

    Crude oil is a fossil raw material, primarily used as an energy source and basic material for the chemical industry. As crude oil is a natural substance mixture which consists of various hydrocarbons with different properties, the fractionation of the individual components by distillation is essential prior to further use. In chemical engineering, crude oil is distilled in bubble tray columns. This process is simulated in experiment C2.3.2.1. The system is fitted with two bubble trays so multiple fractions can be extracted simultaneously.

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    Renewable Energy

    Experiments for vocational training

    Experiments on the future-oriented topics „Power generation and energy storage“ with the LEYBOLD plug-in system (STE)

    We offer you individual experiment kits on the focused topics

    The didactic concept of this series is the independent development of knowledge.


    Physics experiment of the month


    A dispersion of light into colours upon passage through a prism

    The dispersion of white light into different colours has already been examined by NEWTON. Each student is this observation known by e.g. a rainbow. The definition of three primary colours resulting from the spectrum allows afterwards also the understanding of origin of colours by adding colours, e.g. on a monitor. In the present experiment, the white light of a bulb is dispersed with a flint glass prism and the spectrum imaged on a screen. By using elements on an optical bench for demonstration, which can also be used for student experiments, it is possible to let students work parallel on this topic, as they easily recognize these optical devices.

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    X-ray Apparatus

    The modular concept for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering Sciences.

    With the LEYBOLD X-ray apparatus and computed tomography accessories a wide range of topics in high schools and universities can be covered.

    • Principles:
    • Solid State Physics
    • Atomic Physics
    • Medical and technical applications:

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    With or without computer, for more than 25 years, the CASSY system is one of the most popular solutions in the fields of experimental measurement data acquisition and analysing in secondary education.

    Measuring and analysing – flexible and intuitive operation
    For each teaching situation the suitable solution

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