Compact Course Digital Technology

Compact Course Digital Technology
Compact Course Digital Technology

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For an introduction to digital electronics.The practical excercises are carried out on an electronic circuit board with prewired test circuits.


  • Basic logic functions
  • Digital functions of adder and multiplexer
  • Function of 7-segment displays

Basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, XOR) of digital electronics are introduced. These are used to investigate the laws of logical operations (de Morgan's law, associative law and distributive law) and non-feedback logic circuits (switch networks). Then, simple flip-flop circuits with feedback are assembled to study storage of information. An adder is explored as a practical example of a switching network (logic circuits without feedback). Various flip-flop circuits enhance the knowledge of switching logic circuits with feedback. Applications of digital technology will be investigated, e.g. multiplexing, demultiplexing, control of a 7-segment display, and DAC respectively ADC conversion are covered. Switching states are displayed by means of an LED at each of the outputs.

Student experiments guided by the handbook.

Target group
Students in general or vocational education.


  • Logic gates: AND, OR, NOT and  XOR
  • flip – flop
  • Adder
  • AD converter /  DA converter
  • Multiplexer
  • RS-flip-flops
  • JK-flip-flops
  • D-flip-flops
  • 7-segment display

Components of equipment sets

1 5714011  8  Logic board 1 LD
1 5714021 Logic board 2 LD
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