Complete Modular Servo System

FB MS150-3
Complete Modular Servo System
Complete Modular Servo System
Complete Modular Servo System


AC-, DC- und hybrid-servo trainer: includes MS150/MS150-2 plus additional modules for hybrid servo operation.

The MS150 Modular Servo System is an unique equipment designed to study the theory and practice of automatic control systems. It has been designed for teaching the theory of open and closed-loop, speed and positional control systems using modular units, both mechanical and electronic, that can be configured to demonstrate the various methods of control techniques. The MS150-3 is the complete system and comprises a baseplate and twenty units. Each unit is fitted with a magnetic base which holds the unit to the plastic coated steel baseplate, irrespective of the angle at which the baseplate is positioned. Individual units may be so arranged to create operating block schematic systems and interconnections between the units are made by jumper leads terminated in 4mm stackable plugs. The modular concept of the MS150 system permits the study of individual units and also, by combination, the investigation and performance testing of complete systems. A series of instructional manuals is supplied to provide comprehensive coverage of servo system theory and assignments.

Curriculm Coverage

  • All the curriculum coverage of the MS150 & MS150A & those listed below relating to relays
  • Relay characteristics
  • Relay operated systems
  • Effect of backlash
  • Phase-plane analysis
  • PID control-loop characteristics
  • Speed control
  • Position control
  • Following error
  • Waveform sampling
  • Sampled data servo control
  • Simulated sampled data control
  • Sampled data process control systems
  • Differential synchros
  • Not applicable

Technical data

  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:

Scope of delivery

  • Comprises: OU150A, AU150B, PA150C, SA150D, PS150E, DCM150F, SR150G, IP150H, DS150J, OP150K, LU150L, SM150M, ST150R, MD150S, ST150T, ACM150U, PA150V, CU150W, GT150X, PID150Y & MS150Z
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