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Influence of swelling on weight, volume, hardness and appearance for peas
Swelling pressure
Swelling movements
Germination's dependency on various factors
The influence of light on plant germination
Significance of cotyledons
Germination retarding substances
Growth zones for root and sprout
Starch breakdown during germination
Root growth
Root growth direction
Root hair formation
The force of roots
The dependency of growth on nutrient supply
Growth substances
The significance of water for plant-life
Organs for water absorption
Water conduction in a sprout
Plasmolysis and deplasmolyse
Water evaporating organs
Gap opening significance
Water demand with respect to leaf quantity and leaf size
Water consumption of hydrophytes and aridophytes
Evaporation protection

Components of equipment sets

1 204701 Basic Science Kit Biology - Base LD
1 204702 Basic Science Kit Biology - Principles LD
1 additionally recommended experiment description:
204790EN Students´ experiments with the Basic Science Kit Biology
1 204790  4  ** LIT-digital: Basic Science Kit Biology LD
1 204790DE  4  ** LIT-print: Basic Science Kit Biology, German LD
additonally required equipment pro workgroup
1 OHCR221  8  ** Compact Balance CR221, 220 g : 0.1 g LD
1 MIK75938  8  ** Microscope BMS 037 LED LD
1 6753550  4  ** Cotton wad, 200 g LD
0 661650 ** Basic Science Kit Bio. Set of Chemicals LD
GHS00 This product contains dangerous substances!

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