CAN-Databus node, STE 6/50/100

LD 758201
CAN-Databus node, STE 6/50/100
CAN-Databus node, STE 6/50/100


Educational CAN bus node as plug-in element for detecting a sensor signal and generating an actuator signal. A high-speed CAN bus network can be established on a plug-in board with up to 4 modules. Thus, the intelligent ID assignment "AutoID" supports the user: It does not require configuration with a PC! The nodes recognize each other and have plug-and-play functionality, which means they can be inserted or removed while in operation.

Each module can evaluate one sensor signal. Options are:

  • Analog sensors with output voltages up to 10 V=
  • Digital sensors with an output voltage of + 5 V or + 12 V
  • Sensors with PWM interface

Correspondingly, each module can also generate an output signal. Options are:

  • Analog signals
  • PWM signals

The type of input or output can be set by their respective changeover switches on the device, which are designed so that accidental switching is avoided. In automatic operation, the sensor signal of a module is transferred via the CAN bus to the logical subsequent module, which then converts it into an output signal. The sensor signal of the last module is output accordingly to the first module.

In addition to the data messages, network messages (NWM) are also generated so that the nodes can be classified in the topology. Furthermore, the CAN bus is characterized by the following features:

  • Active error management through the CAN retry function
  • Computer-less configuration through the CAN AutoDetect function

The CAN bus can be easily assigned with all common ISO errors. Various operating conditions are displayed on a status display, from the boot mode up to error detection.

The device is short-circuit proof and protected against overload. Connections are easily recognized and allocated by the colored surface print.

The CAN bus signals can be examined with an oscilloscope, with Sensor-CASSY 2 524013SKFZ, or with the CAN bus multi-adapter 773961.

Technical data

  • CAN bus: Class C
  • Transfer Rate: 500 kbit/s
  • Voltage supply: 12 - 15 V=
  • Permissible Sensor Voltage: ±12 V
  • Output Power: 6 W
  • Short Circuit Protection: yes

Scope of delivery

1 piece, CAN-Databus node, STE 6/50/100

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