Chemical water parameters

Chemical water parameters
Chemical water parameters


In this experiment, water samples are analysed for different chemical parameters. For this, the students use different test sticks to determine the amount of different inorganic ions. With the help of these parameters, a statement can be made about the water quality.

Components of equipment sets

1 30945  4 
Universal pencil LD
2 602022  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 100 ml, squat LD
1 610077  8 
Nitrile examination gloves, size M LD
2 MA91201  4 
Test sticks total water hardness LD
2 MA91313  4 
Test sticks Nitrate/Nitrite LD
2 MA91315  8 
Test sticks Ammonium LD
GHS05 Danger H314
2 MA91320  8 
Test sticks Phosphate LD
GHS05GHS07 Danger H290 H314 H332
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