Homogeneous mixtures

Homogeneous mixtures
Homogeneous mixtures


There are two types of mixtures of substances - heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures. In this experiment the students learn about homogeneous mixtures. Mixtures of substances are prepared and analysed for common properties and the states of aggregation.

Components of equipment sets

1 6045682  4 
Powder spatula, steel, 185 mm LD
1 30945  4 
Universal pencil LD
1 667057  4 
Test tube rack metal, 20 mm Ø LD
2 6659531  4 
Dropping pipette 150 mm x 7 mm Ø LD
2 6659541  8 
Rubber bulb LD
2 6640421  4 
Test tube Fiolax 16 mm x 160 mm LD
2 667253  4 
Rubber stopper solid, 14...18 mm Ø LD
1 610010  8 
Laboratory safety goggles LD
1 6719720  4 
Ethanol, denaturated, 1 l LD
GHS02GHS07 Danger H225 H319
1 6735720  4 
Sodium chloride, 1 kg LD
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