COM3LAB Course: Automotive Electrics - COM4LAB ready

LD 7006101
COM3LAB Course: Automotive Electrics - COM4LAB ready
  4  COM3LAB Course: Automotive Electrics - COM4LAB ready


Comprises an experiment board, housed within a board carrier, for use in conjunction with, and powered by the Master Unit (700020, supplied separately) and provides a practical course teaching the basics of automotive electrics/electronics, experiments being wired using 2 mm safety cables (700022, supplied separately). Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught via course-specific software.

Curriculum Coverage

  • Electricity in the vehicle: current - voltage - resistance
  • Calculating with parameters: Ohm's law - Power
  • Circuits
  • Series and parallel circuits - forward slope resistances

Virtual Laboratory

  • Oscilloscope
  • Function generator
  • Multimeter (x2)
  • Digital analyser

Additional Functions

  • Word Processing
  • Printer
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Free Experimentation
  • Glossary


The COM3LAB software contains courses in all supported languages and the current version can be downloaded from for free. Alternatively, the COM3LAB software can also be obtained on DVD (70000CBT).

Additionally required: 7006102

Technical data

  • Circuit and relay
  • Analog multimeter
  • Resistances
  • Solar cell
  • Diodes
  • On-board electrical system and lighting

Additionally required

1 70000CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software LD
1 COM3LAB: Master Unit
1 Set of safety cables (2 mm, 16 Qty., 6 x 30 cm & 10 x 15 cm)
1 7006102  8  COM3LAB: Automotive Electrics Accessories LD
1 PC with Windows 7/8/10


EXE EXE COM3LAB Software Package (3.1.404)
Free full version (content freely explorable in demo mode without course board), ca. 1.5GB
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