COM4LAB Master Unit

LD 70000-00
COM4LAB Master Unit
COM4LAB Master Unit
COM4LAB Master Unit
COM4LAB Master Unit


The COM4LAB Master Unit is a multifunctional, compact, measuring interface. As a universal base station it is used for the operation and power supply for the COM4LAB experiment boards and as an independent measuring laboratory. The Master Unit can be simultaneously connected to up to four digital terminal devices (PC, tablet or smartphone)  for the recording of measurements and for remote control of its built-in functions. The Master Unit can be quickly attached to an experiment board. Its clear and structured design results in easy operation.

Technical data


  • 295 x 154 × 30 mm3

 Integrated measuring instruments

  • Two digital multimeters:
    Voltage: DC/AC – 2 V | 20 V
    Current: DC/AC – 20 mA | 200 mA | 2 A
    Resistance: 2 kΩ | 20 kΩ | 200 kΩ | 2 MΩ
    Autoranging for all measurement ranges
  • Digital Function Generator:
    digitally generated sinusoidal, triangular, square-wave signal types, also DC
    Frequency range: 0.5 Hz – 100 kHz, also DC
    SYNC output: TTL clock frequency  0.5 Hz – 100 kHz
    Output voltage: max. ±10 V, (0 – 20 V)
    Output current: max. ±250 mA
  • Digital 4-channel oscilloscope:
    4 differential inputs
    Sampling rate: 1 MS/s per channel
    Bandwidth: 200 kHz
    Memory depth: 1KS per channel
    Resolution: 12 Bit per channel
    Time ranges from 10 μs/div to 500 ms/div
    Voltage ranges from 10 mV/div to 10 V/div
    Trigger CH1 - CH4 and EXT (referenced to ground), in 4095 steps, rising/falling edge
  • Digital analyzer:
    8+1 digital signal inputs
    Input voltage TTL-compatible
    Sampling frequency: 200 Hz – 2 MHz
    Memory depth: 9 Bit x 2 K
    Triggering on any combination of the input states

Additional properties

  • Voltage supply:
    15 V/3 A
  • Interfaces:
    Ethernet 100 MBits RJ45
  • Extensions:
    Extension Slot
    USB Interface (type A)
  • NFC 
  • Light strip & LEDs for status display
  • Security lock for mechanical attachment and electronic activation of the experiment boards
  • Anti-theft protection (port for Kensington lock)

Scope of delivery

  • USB cable
  • NFC card
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