Synthesis of propanone

Synthesis of propanone
Synthesis of propanone


You can produce ketones by oxidising secondary alcohols. In this experiment, the students will produce 2-propanone (acetone) from 2-propanol using copper(II) oxide as a representative for the substance group of ketones. The resulting product is then detected by its characteristic odour. Through this the students learn about a method for the preparation of ketones and how a commonly used chemical such as acetone is produced.

Components of equipment sets

1 667057  4 
Test tube rack metal, 20 mm Ø LD
1 667027  4 
Tweezers, blunt, 130 mm LD
1 667035
Crucible tongs 200 mm LD
1 6659531  4 
Dropping pipette 150 mm x 7 mm Ø LD
1 6659541  8 
Rubber bulb LD
1 6640421  4 
Test tube Fiolax 16 mm x 160 mm LD
1 6640791
Copper wire gauze roll 80 x 7.5mm LD
1 610010  8 
Laboratory safety goggles LD
1 6667031  8 
Teclu burner, propane LD
1 6744410  4 
2-Propanol, 1 l LD
GHS02GHS07 Danger H225 H319 H336
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