Demo Multimeter, active

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Demo Multimeter, active
  8  Demo Multimeter, active

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Electronic pointer instrument for current, voltage and resistance. This device is equipped with an automatic socket blocking system to prevent unintentional switching of measurement types. This instrument is ideal for demonstrations thanks to the extremely large display scale and the controls provided on both the front and rear. Analog instrument with scale for monitoring measured value and battery on rear of device. Direct display of measured values on seven selectable scales in 1 - 3 gradation, including zero-point-middle scale. Large display fields for type and range of measurement. Moving-coil meter (core magnet) with built-in battery-powered measurement amplifier and effective overload protection in all measuring ranges. Low amplifier power consumption and automatic battery cut-out when left on for longer periods (approx. 55 mins.) without scale change. Includes carrying handle, batteries and hook for mounting the instrument in the demonstration experiment frame (301 300).

Technical data

  • Measuring ranges:
    1/ 3/ 10/ 30/ 100/ 300 mV AC/DC
    1/ 3/ 10/ 30/ 100/ 300 V AC/DC
    1/ 3/ 10 kV AC/DC
    DC voltages up to 300 kV with high-voltage probe (531 93)
    1/ 3/ 10/ 30/ 100/ 300 µA AC/DC
    1/ 3/ 10/ 30/ 100/ 300 mA AC/DC
    1/ 3/ 10/ 30 A AC/DC
    Currents > 30 A to 300 A DC/ 200 A AC with clip-on ammeter (738 9991)
    ±10 µV/ ±10 mA/ ±10 A
    ±10 mV/ ±10 V/ ±10 kV
    1/3/10/30/100/300 kΩ
  • Internal resistance:
    100 kΩ for measuring function mV
    10 MΩ for measuring function V
    1 GΩ for measuring function kV, without probe
    30 GΩ for measuring function kV, with probe
  • Voltage drops:
    120 mV for measuring function µA, mA
    500 mV for measuring function A
  • Accuracy: class 1.5
  • 7 different scales: 1/3/10/30/100/300 division
    1 x scales: 105 scale divisions
    3 x scales: 66 scale divisions
    Zero-point middle scale: 42 scale divisions
  • Length of scale arcs: 200 mm each
    Height of digits: 25 mm
  • Overload capacity (sustained):
    250 V in mV range (AC/DC)
    600 V in V range (DC)
    400 V in V range (AC)
    15 kV in 10 kV range
    20 A in range up to 300 mA (AC/DC)
    30 A in 30 A range (AC/DC)
  • Power supply: 3 batteries (MONO 1.5 V/ type IEC R 20); also suitable for NiCd rechargeable batteries of type IEC HR20
  • Automatic battery cut-off: after 50 … 60 mins.
  • Battery life:
    > 100 h (type IEC HR20)
  • Dimensions: 39 cm x 34 cm x 23 cm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg
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