The water equivalent of a calorimeter - Digital

The water equivalent of a calorimeter - Digital
The water equivalent of a calorimeter - Digital


Even though energy is never lost, when mixing two liquids of different temperatures, you never measure the temperature of mixtures that is exactly between the initial temperatures. This is because some of the heat is absorbed by the reaction vessel. Calorimeters are reaction vessels that are characterised by the fact that they allow very little heat exchange with the reaction mixture inside. Nevertheless, in order to work accurately, the heat capacity of the calorimeter must be determined so that measurements of the heat of reaction that take place in it can be corrected correctly.

Components of equipment sets

1 30121  8 
Stand base MF LD
2 301271  4 
Stand rod 40 cm, 10 mm Ø LD
1 30123  4 
Stand feet, pair LD
1 30109  4 
Bosshead S LD
1 666555  4 
Universal clamp 0...80 mm LD
1 661035  8 
Round filter, Type 595, 125 mm Ø, Set of 100 LD
1 667017  4 
Scissors 125 mm, round-ended LD
1 602022  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 100 ml, squat LD
1 664131  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 400 ml, squat LD
1 604298  4 
Plastic cup, set of 5 LD
1 ADACB501  4 
Compact scale 500 g : 0.1 g LD
1 524005W2
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 666194  4 
Protective sleeves for temperature probe, set of 5 LD
1 610010  8 
Laboratory safety goggles LD
1 607105  8 
Magnetic stirrer mini LD
1 666851  4 
Stirring magnet, 25 mm x 6 mm Ø, circular LD
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