DVD: COM3LAB Software

LD 70000CBT
DVD: COM3LAB Software
DVD: COM3LAB Software


COM3LAB software package for Master Unit 2.0 (700020) and 70000USB

DVD contains:

  • All available COM3LAB courses in all available languages
  • COM3LAB starter software
  • COM3LAB configurator
  • USB driver software for Master Unit 2.0
  • .NET 4.0
  • Separate installation for the audio package in all available languages

For each COM3LAB multimedia course there is an electronic, interactive instruction manual. The contents of the manual are dependent on the topic and are tailored to the hardware. The operation and function of the manuals are identical for all courses. The 32-bit user interface, into which the interactive manual, the virtual lab and the tools are integrated, also remains the same for all courses. Structure of multimedia course software:

  • Electronic manual
  • The same look and the same operation for all courses
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Virtual lab (oscilloscope, multimeters, function generator etc.)
  • Tools (printers, calculators, word processing, copy function for measurement results)
  • Help
  • Glossary
  • Table of contents
  • Language (English, French, etc.) can be switched by pressing a button
  • Readings and texts can be used in your own documents
  • Zoomable
  • Free selectable chapters
  • Status display (successfully processed, not processed)
  • Evaluation of measurements and tasks
  • Evaluation of the circuitry
Alternatively, the software can be downloaded free of charge at SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD and is updated regularly.
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