Electromagnetism and Induction - Classic

Electromagnetism and Induction - Classic
Electromagnetism and Induction - Classic


Once the basics of magnetism and electricity are known, the students can examine the connections between these seemingly independent phenomena in the subject area of electromagnetism. The magnetic effect of electric current is demonstrated in vivid experiments, an electromagnet is built and induction is observed in various experiments. The construction of a transformer is also part of the scope of experiments.

Components of equipment sets

1 207133S
Science Lab Electrics EL3 (Set) LD
1 207134S
Science Lab Electrics EL4 (Set) LD
1 521487  8 
AC/DC power supply PRO 0...12 V/3 A LD
2 531120
Multimeter LDanalog 20 LD
1 55035  4 
Copper resistance wire, 0.2 mm diam., 100 m LD
1 500622  4 
Safety connecting lead 50 cm, blue LD
1 647003  8 
Lid for tray LD
additionally required per class:
1 520713  4 
** LIT: LP3 Science Lab Electricity, digital LD
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1 52071  4 
** LIT: LP Science Lab Physics, digital LD
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Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

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