Fault simulator for Contactor circuits

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Fault simulator for Contactor circuits
Fault simulator for Contactor circuits
Fault simulator for Contactor circuits
Fault simulator for Contactor circuits
Fault simulator for Contactor circuits


Fault simulator for Contactor circuits - 300 W
The front of the unit is equipped with a large number of measuring and termination points which are required for the circuit which is printed on the mask are revealed. All points not required are hidden by the mask.
The bottom part of the front panel contains the control panel with switches, buttons, indicator lights and sockets for the connection of external limit switches and electrical machines.
The switchboard is located behind a lockable door at the left side of the training unit. It contains the main fuses, the main switch, the "On" button for the load circuit and a group of switches for entering faults.
Two indicator lights for the control and load circuits and an emergency-stop button arre mounted on the top of the training unit and can be seen by the trainer from a far distance.
In order to put the selected circuit into operation, the mask with the respective current flow diagram is attached to the front panel of the unit. A rotary switch serves to set up the function of the circuit and to select the appropriate programme of each mask. The circuit can be extended by a real electrical machine and external limit switches.
Numerous, even several simultaneously acting faults can be set by means of the switch group.
The trouble shooting is carried out in two instructional consistent steps:
- Direct trouble shooting at the measuring points on the current
flow diagram of the used mask.
- Trouble shooting on a special mask which displays the devices
of the circuit including its connections and designatiions in a practice-oriented way. Incliude the Maske and switches.

Technical data

Output voltage:

  • for the control circuit: 24 V AC
  • for the load circuit: 3 x 230 / 400 V AC

Mains supply:

  • 3 x 230 / 400 V, 50(60) Hz via Cekon plug

Scope of delivery

  • Main unit: Fault simulator for Contactor circuits
  • Mask: On/off circuit
  • Mask: Contactor-type reverser circuit I
  • Mask: Contactor-type reverser circuit II
  • Mask: Automatic star-delta connection
  • Mask: Dahlander circuit
  • Mask: Automatische Dahlander-Wende-Schaltung I
  • Mask: Automatische Dahlander-Wende-Schaltung II
  • Limit switches with plugs
  • Cekon connection cable
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