Headlamp level control

LD 738165
Headlamp level control
Headlamp level control


The complete system automatic-dynamic headlamp level control shows the deviation control of luminous width changes according to a change of the load on the one hand side and according to dynamic level changes caused acceleration and braking maneuvers on the other hand side. 

Therefore, the control unit receives the level signals from the integrated front axle and rear axle sensors as well as the speed signal (externally, e.g., from 579162).
After evaluation of these signals the motors in the headlights are set and thus the vehicle level-changes are compensated.

In the simulation of a passenger car all situations can be adjusted truly to original and the effect on the illuminated headlight cone be observed.

Via the K line the system is self-diagnosis capable and has an emergency function which is indicated by a LED. Using a diagnosis adaptor (e.g., 7379803) all available measuring value blocks can be read as well as the functions

  • coding,
  • basic settings,
  • actuator tests and
  • fault evaluation can be performed.

The experiment panel is prepared for the connection of external original xenon headlights (7381821).

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