HV PC measurement adapter for E-Mobility

LD 739949
HV PC measurement adapter for E-Mobility
  8  HV PC measurement adapter for E-Mobility


For measurements on the HV system of electric vehicles, special requirements are  essential on measurement and test reliability. The HV PC measurement adapter for E-Mobility as a complete device enables measurements in accordance with UN ECE-R100. It supports the required measurement with 1 ampere whilst only supplied via  one standard USB connection. Thus, there is no  need for additional power supplies or batteries and changing them!

The measuring adapter has been specially developed for the automotive sector and is used in the workshop in order to be able to carry out reliable measurements on high-voltage systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. This means that the HV safety requirements in the workshops can be met and the measurement processes documented.

A wide variety of measurements can be carried out with one device: DC voltage, insulation resistance, insulation monitoring, equipotential bonding and all measurements of a digital multimeter.

The following functions are integrated:

  • Menu-guided diagnosis and measurement process
  • Measurement of the absence of voltage with continuous documentation
  • Active insulation resistance measurement according to SAE J1766
  • Voltmeter DC up to 1,000 V
  • Equipotential bonding measurement according to UN ECE-R100
  • Resistance measurement
  • Diode test
  • Capacity measurement
  • Calibration for reproducible accuracy
  • Power supply through USB interface

PC with Windows operating system and two free USB-2 interfaces required

The device is only approved for measurements on electric vehicles and on selected teaching systems, such as the 739 947: PEV high-voltage trainer! Measurements on circuits directly connected to the power grid are not permitted!

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