Incremental tacho, 0.3

LD 7731092
Incremental tacho, 0.3
Incremental tacho, 0.3
Incremental tacho, 0.3


For registering the speed of electrical machines in the 0.3 kW power class, as well as for incremental positioning of a servo machine. The TTL-compatible signals A, B and REF are accessible via 4 mm sockets. 1024 pulses at A or B correspond to a mechanical angle of rotation of 360 degrees. The signals A and B are phase-shifted by 90 degrees for the determination of the shaft's rotation direction. The REF pulse is generated once per shaft revolution.

Technical data

  • Connection: 6-pin DIN socket
  • Speed: max. 10,000 rpm
  • Increments: 1024 pulses/360°

Scope of delivery

  • Connection cable, 6-pin, L = 1.5 m
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