Intelligent automotive lighting management system

LD 738111
Intelligent automotive lighting management system
Intelligent automotive lighting management system
Intelligent automotive lighting management system


CAN data bus capable light control consisting of:

Control unit automotive lighting:

Control unit for vehicle electrical system controlling the vehicle’s exterior lights with the following functions:

  • Hazard warning and turn signal lights control
  • Control of horn and support relais
  • Parking-/Side lights (L/R)
  • High beam (L/R) and headlight flasher
  • Number plate lights
  • Dipped beam headlights (L/R)
  • Automatic light control
  • Fog and rear fog lights
  • Reversing lights (only with 7381121)
  • Brake lights (left, right, center)
  • Daytime running lights (optional)

with individual outputs to the loads. The light control signal is transmitted via CAN data bus from the control unit steering wheel column or from the main light switch directly.

Steering column electronics:

Control unit detecting the signals of the ignition switch, the position of the turn signal switch (voltage encoded) and the horn switch.

The terminals

  • P - Parking lights
  • 86s - Key contact
  • 75 - Support relais
  • 15 - Ignition on
  • 50 - Starter

are connected via conventional wires to the control unit. They are mirrored on the convienence CAN databus.


H7 or Xenon lamps can be used. Self diagnosis functions are available using 7381121 and 7379803. CAN databus access requires 739581USB.

From 2016 onwards with permanent daytime running lights!

Scope of delivery

One training panel with control unit lights and one training panel with steering column control unit
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