Determination of bacterial count in the milk

Determination of bacterial count in the milk
Determination of bacterial count in the milk


In this experiment, the students examine different milk samples with different storage times or storage temperatures and compare their germ content. To do this, they create a dilution series of the respective water sample and incubate agar plates with it, which were filled with special plate count agar.

Components of equipment sets

1 6719720  4 
Ethanol, denaturated, 1 l LD
GHS02GHS07 Danger H225 H319
1 664183  4 
Petri dish, 100 x 20 mm, glass LD
5 6640421  4 
Test tube Fiolax 16 mm x 160 mm LD
1 667057  4 
Test tube rack metal, 20 mm Ø LD
1 602022  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 100 ml, squat LD
1 665997  4 
Graduated pipette 10 ml LD
1 665994  4 
Graduated pipette 1 ml LD
1 666003  4 
Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 30945  4 
Universal pencil LD
1 662334  4 
Drigalski spatula, glass LD
1 610010  8 
Laboratory safety goggles LD
1 6667031  8 
Teclu burner, propane LD
1 6621131  4 
Disinfectant spray LD
GHS02 Warning H226 H315 H319
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