LIT-digital: Electric mobility

LD 778827
LIT-digital: Electric mobility
LIT-digital: Electric mobility


Collection of experimental literature as a teacher's  version with solutions and student worksheets on the individual topics:

  • A2.7.2.1 Electrical machines in hybrid and electrical cars
  • A2.7.2.3 Workstation vehicle hybrid drive
  • A2.7.2.5 Vehicle high voltage technology
  • A2.7.2.6 High voltage and battery technology (Labdocs)
  • A2.7.2.7 High voltage vehicle engineering (Labdocs)
  • A2.7.2.8 High voltage Workstation (Labdocs)
  • A one-time activation and selection of the literary language via is necessary.
  • After that, the Document Center and the literature package can be downloaded free of charge, with a keyword and catalog number search and automatic updating through free online updates.
  • System requirements:
    Document Center:
    - PC with Windows 7 or higher
    - Internet access during installation
    - Local network for distribution to students
    - PC, tablet or smartphone with a current browser
    - internet access

Scope of delivery

Product key for German or English literature for online use in LeyLab and for offline use in the Document Center
1 775071DE  4  LIT-print: Electrical equipment in hybrid and electric vehicles, German LD
1 775073DE  4  LIT-print: Workstation vehicle hybride drive, German LD
1 775074DE  4  LIT-print: Vehicle high voltage trainer, German LD
1 775075DE  4  LIT-print: Private charging station, German LD
1 775076DE  4  LIT-print: HV practical excercises, German LD
1 775078DE LIT-print: HV battery trainer, German LD
1 775079DE LIT-print: HV systems trainer, German LD
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