LIT: LC1 Inorganic and general chemistry, German

LD 5207211DE
LIT: LC1 Inorganic and general chemistry, German
LIT: LC1 Inorganic and general chemistry, German
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Detailed experiment instructions relating to Science Lab set AC (207 211S) and Science Lab set Chemistry Basic CB (207 200S). Describes 79 experiments from the field of general and inorganic chemistry.

Basic methods / separation processes
Air, gases and their properties
Acidic and alkaline solutions
Redox reactions
Chemical reaction
New fields in chemistry

With a teacher's and student's section

  • Teacher's section: comprehensive information on the preparation and execution of the experiment and sample solutions to the student's section
  • Student's section: Separate templates for the experiment instructions and work sheet.

The digital version is contained in the form of Lab Docs in LIT: LC Chemistry, digital (520 72).

Technical data

  • In German
  • In a ring file

Additionally recommended

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