LIT-print: Basic Science Kit Renewable Energy, German

LD 204590DE
LIT-print: Basic Science Kit Renewable Energy, German
  4  LIT-print: Basic Science Kit Renewable Energy, German


Teachers' section with solutions and copyable templates for student worksheets, in ring binder, 146 pages.

  • Solar energy - photovoltaics (13 experiments)
    Solar cells and connections
    Measuring von voltage and current
  • Wind energy (12 experiments)
    Wind speed
    Wind direction
    Number of vanes
    Pitch angle
    Shape of vanes
  • Reversible fuel cells (9 experiments)
    Function of an elektrolyser and of a fuel cell
    Use of wind- and solar energy
    Faraday constant

Available as digital literature package (204 590).

Additionally required

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1 521487  8  AC/DC power supply PRO 0...12 V/3 A LD
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