LIT-print: Vehicle high voltage trainer, German

LD 775074DE
LIT-print: Vehicle high voltage trainer, German
  4  LIT-print: Vehicle high voltage trainer, German


Experiment descriptions seperated into a teacher's part including solutions and a student's part without solution.


  •  High voltage systems
  • Measurements under voltage
  • Intermittant circuit capacitor
  • Electrical machine as  motor and generator
  • Electric A/C compressor
  • Safety measures
  • The 5 safety rules
  • IT network
  • 1st/2nd IT network errors
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Safety line
  • Inherently safe vehicle
  • Unlock
  • Check equipotential bonding
  • Cutting-free
  • Manufacture and laying of HV cables
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Communication between vehicle and charging station
Language: German
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