Microscopic preparations - Series A

Microscopic preparations - Series A
Microscopic preparations - Series A

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Basic series with 25 preparations from the areas of zoology, histology, human biology, bacteria and lower forms of plant life, flowering plants.

Scope of delivery

  • JLI501e Amoeba proteus, amoebae, nucleus, ectoplasma and endoplasma, food vacuoles, pseudopodia
  • JLI502e Hydra, freshwater polyp, complete. Foot, body, mouth opening, tentacles with nettle cells. Structure of coelenterata
  • JLI503c Lumbricus, earthworm, mid-body, transverse. Typhlosole region with intestine, nephridia, muscular sheath
  • JLI504c Daphnia and Cyclops, entomostrans from plankton
  • JLI505d Musca domestica, housefly, head with jaws
  • JLI506b Musca domestica, housefly, leg with adhesive pads
  • JLI507c Apis mellifica, honeybee, forewings and hind wings
Histology and anthropology
  • JLI508c Squamous epithelium, isolated cells. Nuclei and cell plasma
  • JLI509d Skeletal muscles, longitudinal. Cross-striation, muscle fibrils, nuclei
  • JLI510d Bones of cow, transverse. Bone cells, lamellar system
  • JLI511d Scalp of human, hair roots, longitudinal. Sebaceous glands, germinal layers, hair follicles
  • JLI512c Blood of human, smear. Red and white blood cells, Giemsa stain
Bacteria and lower plants
  • JLI513d Bacteria from dental plaque, gram-positive and gram-negative particles. Bacilli, cocci, spirilla, spirochaeta
  • JLI514c Diatoms. Dispersion preparation with many structures
  • JLI515c Spirogyra, pond scum, with spiral-shaped chloroplast
  • JLI516c Mucor or Rhizopus, mould fungus, fungus mycelium and formation of sporangia
  • JLI517c Moss, stems with leaves, complete
Flowering plants
  • JLI518c Ranunculus, buttercup, root of a dicotyledonous plant, transverse. Central cylinder
  • JLI519c Zea mays, corn, stem of a monocotyledonous plant, transverse. Scattered vascular bundles
  • JLI520c Helianthus, sunflower, stem of a dicotyledonous plant, transverse. Vascular bundles arranged in circular form
  • JLI521c Syringa, lilac, leaf, transverse. Structure of a deciduous leaf: epidermis, palisade parenchyma and spongy parenchyma, leaf trace bundle
  • JLI522d Lilium, lily, pollen sac, transverse. Pollen chambers with mature pollen grains
  • JLI523d Lilium, lily, ovary, transverse. Structure and formations of the ovules, embryo sac
  • JLI524c Allium cepa, onion, epidermis, complete. Simple plant cells with cell walls, nucleus and plasma
  • JLI525d Allium cepa, onion, tip of root, longitudinal. All stages of mitotic division
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