Microscopic preparations - Series B

Microscopic preparations - Series B
Microscopic preparations - Series B

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Supplementary series to series A with 50 preparations.

Scope of delivery

  • JLI601d Paramaecium, slipper animalcule. Ciliate with meganucleus and micronucleus, mouth opening
  • JLI602c Euglena, eyespot animalcule. Eyespot flagella with cilia
  • JLI603c Sycon, marine calcereous sponge. Mid-body with central cavity, channels and collar cells
  • JLI604e Dicrocoelium lanceolatum, lesser liver fluke, complete
  • JLI605c Taenia saginata, tapeworm, proglottides (segments), transverse
  • JLI606d Trichinella spiralis, trichina, section through muscle tissue with encapsulated larvae
  • JLI607d Ascaris, eelworm, mid-body of female, transverse
  • JLI608b Spider, leg, complete. Foot with comb-shaped claws
  • JLI609d Spider, spinnerets, complete. Spinning tubes
  • JLI610d Apis mellifica, honeybee, licking and sucking mouth parts
  • JLI611b Apis mellifica, honeybee, hind tibia with pollen basket
  • JLI612e Periplaneta, Blackbeetle, biting mouth parts
  • JLI613b Tracheae of insect. Branched air-tubes
  • JLI614b Spiracle of insect. Air openings of insects
  • JLI615d Apis mellifica, honeybee, stinging organ with poison gland, complete
  • JLI616b Pieris, butterfly, section of wing with scales
  • JLI617d Asterias, starfish, arm, transverse. Structure of an echinoderm
Histology and anthropology
  • JLI618e Fibrillated, reticulated connective tissue of a mammal. System of strands and cells
  • JLI619c Hyaline cartilage of mammal, transverse. Cartilage cells
  • JLI620e Fat tissue of mammal. Stained fat cells
  • JLI621d Smooth muscle of mammal, transverse and longitudinal. Spindle-shaped cells with centrally located nucleus
  • JLI622e Nerve fibers, isolated. Stained with osmic acid to highlight the myelin sheaths and nodes of Ranvier
  • JLI623c Blood of frog, smear. Red blood cells containing nuclei
  • JLI624d Artery and vein of mammal, transverse
  • JLI625d Liver of pig, transverse. Hepatic lobes, bile ducts
  • JLI626c Small intestine of cat. Mucous membranes, muscular tunics
  • JLI627c Lung of cat, transverse. Air vesicles, bronchioles
Lower plants
  • JLI628c Oscillatoria, thread-shaped blue-green algae. Nucleus equivalents
  • JLI629e Spirogyra, pond scum, stages of conjugation and zygotes
  • JLI630c Psalliota, mushroom, fruit-body of an upright mushroom with basidia and spores
  • JLI631c Morchella, morel, fruit-body of an ascomycete with asci and spores
  • JLI632d Marchantia, liverwort, antheridium carriers, longitudinal
  • JLI633d Marchantia, liverwort, archegonium carriers, longitudinal
  • JLI634d Pteridium, bracken, rhizome with leaf trace bundles, transverse
  • JLI635d Aspidium, male fern, leaf with sporangia and spores, transverse

Flowering plants

  • JLI636e Elodea, waterweed, tip of stem, longitudinal. Vegetation cone, meristem tissue, leaf development
  • JLI637d Dahlia, tuber with inulin crystals, transverse
  • JLI638b Allium cepa, onion, dry skin with calciumoxalate crystals, complete
  • JLI639d Pirus, pear, stone cells from the fruit, transverse
  • JLI640c Zea mays, corn, root, transverse, monocotyledonous plant
  • JLI641c Tilia, lime, lignified root of a deciduous tree, transverse
  • JLI642c Solanum tuberosum, potato, tuber, transverse. Stored starch, cork cells
  • JLI643c Aristolochia, hogweed, annual stem, transverse
  • JLI644c Aristolochia, hogweed, perennial stem, transverse. Secondary thickening
  • JLI645d Cucurbita, pumpkin, stem, longitudinal. Vascular bundle with phloem fibers, vascular rays and sclerenchyma fibers
  • JLI646d Tip of root with root hairs
  • JLI647c Tulipa, tulip, leaf epidermis with stomata openings, complete
  • JLI648c Iris, leaf of a monocotyledonous plant, transverse
  • JLI649c Sambucus, elder, stem, transverse. lenticels
  • JLI650e Triticum, wheat, seed grain, sagittal longitudinal, with aleurone layer, endosperm and embryo
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