MP: School set no. 1

MP: School set no. 1

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25 slides of human science, zoology and botany

Histology of human and mammals
- Hard bone grinding, human, section
- Skeletal muscle, dog, l.s and c.s.
- Skin section through hair follicle, human
- Stratified flat epithelium, dog, section
- Blood smear human, Giemsa stained
- Amoeba proteus, w.m.
- Hydra with bud, w.m.
- Lumbricus - earthworm, c.s.
- Daphnia sp., water flea, w.m.
- Musca domestica, house fly, mouth parts
- Musca domestica, house fly, leg with clinging pads
- Musca domestica, house fly, wing w.m.
- Allium cepa, onion, scale epidermis, w.m.
- Allium cepa, onion, mitosis root tip, l.s.
- Zea mays, corn, stem, cs.
- Triticum aestivum, wheat, stem, c.s.
- Helianthus, sunflower, young stem, c.s.
- Helianthus, sunflower, leaf, c.s.
- Monocot/dicot flower, zea mays/ranunculus, c.s.
- Lilium, lily, ovary, c.s.
- Mnium, w.m.
- Rhizopus nigricans, bread mold, developed sporangia
- Diatoms, w.m.
- Spirogyra sp., vegetative mass, w.m.
- Dental plaque, smear

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