Detecting decay products in the air

Detecting decay products in the air
Detecting decay products in the air


The students use the pancake GM counter tube to record count rates of a plastic plate that has previously been charged by friction. This shows that we are surrounded by natural radioactivity and can also detect it. In addition, the students need to know that friction causes charge separation, which creates electric fields.

Components of equipment sets

1 559012  8 
Pancake GM counter tube LD
1 46084  4 
Precision metal rail, 25 cm LD
1 54110  8 
Buffer and Plastic Plate LD
1 559015  4 
Holder for Pancake GM counter LD
1 45930  4 
Plate holder on rod LD
3 46095  4 
Clamp rider LD
1 686657  8 
Plastic clamps, span 1.2 cm, set of 3 LD
1 575471  8 
Counter S LD
1 LDS00001  4 
Stopwatch, digital LD
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