Shielding depending on the material thickness

Shielding depending on the material thickness
Shielding depending on the material thickness


The students examine the shielding of radioactive radiation. To do this, they shield a button-shaped source with different materials, using each material in several material thicknesses.

Components of equipment sets

1 559012  8 
Pancake GM counter tube LD
1 46084  4 
Precision metal rail, 25 cm LD
1 559015  4 
Holder for Pancake GM counter LD
4 46095  4 
Clamp rider LD
1 45930  4 
Plate holder on rod LD
1 559466  4 
Holder for radiation emitter and magnet LD
1 686667  4 
Frame and Set of Aluminium slides LD
1 54110  8 
Buffer and Plastic Plate LD
1 559460
Button-shaped source LD
1 575471  8 
Counter S LD
1 667017  4 
Scissors 125 mm, round-ended LD
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