Electronics - Digital

Electronics - Digital
Electronics - Digital

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Electronic components are found in all technical devices that we work with every day. These often very small components have the most diverse tasks. In the experiments on electronics, the students learn about capacitors, relays, diodes and transistors. More complex set-ups for amplifier circuits are put into an everyday context. Current and voltage can be measured with the Mobile-CASSY 2 WLAN. If a second voltage is to be measured, this can be done with the voltage sensor M.

Components of equipment sets

1 207133S
Science Lab Electrics EL3 (Set) LD
1 207136S
Science Lab Electrics EL6 (Set) LD
1 521487
AC/DC power supply PRO 0...12 V/3 A LD
1 524005W  8 
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 524438  8 
Voltage sensor M, ±30 V LD
1 522621  8 
Function generator S 12 LD
1 500622  4 
Safety connecting lead 50 cm, blue LD
1 30945  4 
Universal pencil LD
2 647003
Lid for tray LD
additionally required per class:
1 520713  4 
** LIT: LP3 Science Lab Electricity, digital LD
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1 52071  4 
** LIT: LP Science Lab Physics, digital LD
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