Two-sided lever

Two-sided lever
Two-sided lever


In this experiment, the students are asked to construct a two-sided lever. They observe its behaviour when changing the attached weight and its position. They learn the terms load-load arm and force-force arm and independently determine the law of leverage.

Components of equipment sets

6 340851  4 
Weight, 50 g LD
1 31401  4 
Dynamometer, tension and compression, 1.5 N LD
2 30121  4 
Stand base MF LD
1 30126  4 
Stand rod 25 cm, 10 mm Ø LD
1 301271  8 
Stand rod 40 cm, 10 mm Ø LD
2 30125  4 
Support block LD
2 31404  4 
Support clip, for plugging in LD
1 340831  8 
Lever 37.5 cm LD
1 340811  8 
Plug-in axle LD
1 31402  4 
Dynamometers, tension and compression, 3 N LD
1 34082  8 
Double scale LD
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