Newton's rings

Newton's rings
Newton's rings


In this experiment the students will examine the interference rings created by the air gap between a plane-parallel plate and a lens with a small radius of curvature r around the point of contact. They not only investigate the phenomenon of so-called Newton's rings, but also calculate the radius of curvature of the lens with the help of the measured distances.

Components of equipment sets

1 459097  4 
Laser class 1, red LD
1 45960  4 
Lens on rod f = +50 mm LD
1 45964  4 
Lens on rod f = +300 mm LD
4 46095  4 
Clamp rider LD
1 45924  4 
Translucent screen on rod LD
1 45933  4 
Diaphragm and slide holder on rod LD
1 459095  4 
Plug-in power supply USB 5 V DC (A socket) LD
1 459096  4 
Cable USB (USB Type A - Mini-USB) LD
1 46082  8 
Precision metal rail, 50 cm LD
1 46082  8 
Precision metal rail, 50 cm LD
1 47108  8 
Apparatus for Newton's rings LD
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