Gravitation torsion balance

LD 332101
Gravitation torsion balance
Gravitation torsion balance

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For demonstrating gravitational attraction between two bodies and determining the gravitational constant. Highly sensitive torsion dynamometer, whose deflection can be observed and measured via a luminous pointer or with the IR position detector (332 11). The torsion system consists of a bronze torsion band and a dumbbell-shaped torsion body with small lead balls and a mirror; the system is accommodated in a housing with front and rear windows, in order to shield it from interference by air currents. The housing is mounted on a stand rod, with a swivelling holder for large lead balls which are used to influence the torsion system. When the balls are displaced, the system starts oscillating slowly about its axis of rotation. Conclusions regarding the effective force between the large and small balls can be drawn from the pattern of the oscillations as well as the new state of equilibrium after the oscillations have died out. Complete with large lead balls and two self-adhesive scales. Lighting equipment and stand material not included.

Technical data

  • Torsion system:
    Directional quantity of angle: 8.5 x 10-9 Nm/rad
    Mass of small lead balls: 20 g each
    Distance of centre of gravity from axis of rotation: 50 mm
    Period of oscillation: 10 min, approx.
  • Large lead balls:
    Diameter: each 64 mm
    Mass: 1.5 kg
  • Diameter of housing:148 mm
  • Depth of housing: 30 mm
  • Total height: 500 mm
  • Self-adhesive scale length 1 m each
  • Self-adhesive scale division: dm, cm and mm
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