Laser Doppler anemometer

Laser Doppler anemometer
Laser Doppler anemometer Laser Doppler Anemometer Setup (P5.8.8.4)
Laser Doppler anemometer Oscilloscope signal of a water droplet passing throught the interference zone (P5.8.8.4)
Laser Doppler anemometer

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Laser Doppler anemometry is a non-contact optical measurement method to obtain the velocity of a flow (liquid, gas). In the experiment P5.8.8.4 a laser Doppler anemometer is assembled. Among other things, this method is used for the calibration of flow sensors. A laser beam is split into two parts. Focused back to one spot, the laser beams create an interference pattern. Particles in the fluid flow move through the bright and dark zones of the pattern and the scattered light is modulated according to the speed of the particle.
Alternatively, the same setup can be explained in terms of Doppler shifted light.
In this experiment, water droplets inside an air stream are used as the scattering particles. The water droplets are too small to stick to surfaces nearby and to wet them. They will just evaporate or bounce off due to surface tension.

Components of equipment sets

2 474104  8  Focussing Optics, f = 60 mm LD
1 474107  8  Filter Plate Holder LD
1 474187 LDA Beam Splitting Assembly LD
1 4741876 LDA Beam Deflection and Focussing LD
1 474188 Ultrasonic particle seeder LD
1 474315 Ultrasonic Particle Nebuliser LD
1 474194 ST coupler in C25 mounted LD
1 4745350 Patch cable ST-ST 600 µm LD
1 4743314 Photodetektor Modul 400-1100 nm LD
1 4745464  8  Oscilloscope, Dual Channel, Digital LD
1 50106  4  HF-Cable, BNC-BNC, 1.5 m LD
1 501061  8  HF-Cable, BNC-Mini BNC, 1.5 m LD
1 474128 Diode laser module LD
1 4745442  4  Profile rail 500 mm LD
1 474209  8  Mounting Plate C25 with Carrier 20 mm LD
2 474251  8  Transport and Storage Box #01 LD
1 4747115  4  LIT-print: Laser Doppler Anemometer LD
2 471828  4  * Adjustment goggles for He-Ne-laser LD

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) P5.8.8.4 Laser Doppler anemometer
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