PID digital controller net

LD 734064N
PID digital controller net
  8  PID digital controller net


Standard industrial compact controller using 32-bit architecture for integration into the LeyLab network. The internal ARM microprocessor excels in a high sampling rate and a fast control response. The controller is used for continuous closed-loop systems e.g. in P, PI, PD or PID configuration. With input summing point for two reference variables and one controlled variable, measurement point for error signal, tendency indication of the error signal with three LEDs. P,I and D elements can be switched off individually. The I element can be reset via separate input (RESET). Including an output summing point for adding or subtracting of two external and one internal disturbance variables. The internal disturbance variable can be activated via the LAN. Manual selection of controller parameters with buttons and digital encoders. Representation of actual parameters on three four-digit 7-segment displays. Overload indication via three colour LED. The integrator operates with an anti-windup limiter. The differentiator uses an adaptive smoothing algorithm for the reduction of the quantisation noise and has an internal slope limiter.

Equipped with a RJ45 socket for LAN operation. Internal control by the software L.control 725006 or L.control Lite 725007 to set and record the controller parameters from a central master PC and to generate disturbance variables. Suitable for use with patented "Learning networks" system.

Technical data

  • Supply voltage: ±15 V DC
  • Signal voltage range: 10 V...+10 V
  • Sampling interval: 50 µs
  • Proportional rate KP: 0.01...100
  • Correction time Ti: 10 ms...1000 s
  • Rate time Td: 1 ms...100 s

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