STE Battery Technology

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STE Battery Technology
STE Battery Technology
STE Battery Technology


Which type of battery for which application? The answer to this question,
the students itself are able to respond after working with our kit
" Different technologies for accumulators ". Following topics
will be taught very descriptive and moderated with memorable experiments:

  • Which charging technology will be ideal for what type of battery?
  • How you will determine the maximal life cycle for batteries?
  • In which way batteries will be discharged and what can you measure?
  • Which effects have to be considered during charge / discharge cycle?

The theme accumulator technology becomes more and more significant in the vocational education in the context of the growing importance of renewable energies and electromobility. Of course also ecological aspects are taken into consideration in the curriculum.

With a complete package of the series STE " Renewable Energies " also complex experiments could be realized, which the trainees demonstrate the future core problems of imprudent energy consumption.
These include the following kits:

Technical data

The complete set with over 17 STE plug in units for the topic storage of current with accumulators.

  • Different accumulators (PB, NiMH, Lipo)
  • Extensive experiment description
  • Charging controller and much more

Scope of delivery

Clearly arranged in a solid suitcase for transport and storage


Experiment setups for the key Topics:
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Battery Technology
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